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API Ongithub

API Ongithub is about establishing simple demonstrations of how you can easily launch APIs that run 90% on Github.

So far I have 11 separate demos, and will be working on more when I hve time. When possible I use existing data models like to design, other times they are based upon real world examples I'm working on, or have found in the wild.

Each of these APIs have a simple landing page for interacting with the API, using Swagger for API documentation, and SLIM PHP for the server side REST API, which I personally host on AWS, but you can host on any PHP enabled server. I will be working on Python, Ruby and Node.js backends when I have time.

Feel free to get involved and add your own API that deploys in this fashion, or fork and contribute changes to existing API demos.

If you have suggestions for APIs you like to see available, feel free to email me at: or ping me on Twitter @kinlane.